What type of bath do you need?

What type of bath do you need?

Before choosing a bath, it is important to consider your needs and decide what you want to get from your tub. Everybody has different bathing habits so there are a wide range of bath designs to choose from to satisfy them. Some people like to sit up in the bath so they can read. Others want to lie down and soak. You also need to consider if you need to bathe children or even pets in the bath. It is important to weight up both the function and level of comfort you want; this will help you to choose the right tub.

You’ll also need to consider the size and shape of your bathroom. This will have an impact on the styles of bath you can choose between and may limit your choice in several places. If the space is small you may need to consider a bath/shower mixer to make the best use of the space you have available. As the bath is the largest item in the bathroom, you need to think carefully about where you want to position it and which style will look best in this location.

Free standing baths are popular because they can be positioned absolutely anywhere and will look fantastic. You could place one in the corner of a room, prominently in the centre, or even place it right under the window if you like. They provide great flexibility and the bath can easily become the most prominent piece in the room, especially if you choose an eye catching design.

Free standing cast iron baths are amazing statement pieces if you want to add some luxury and character to the bathroom. They have incredible designs, whether you choose a slipper design for sitting up in or a deeper one for lying down. There are even deep ones to suit tall bathers.

At Country Cast Baths we have a wide range of cast iron tubs to choose from. All of the designs have been handpicked by our team for their quality and beautiful finish. We only stock the very best so customers can purchase from us with complete confidence. The fact that we have chosen each tub carefully also means we can answer all of your questions and help you to choose one that meets your criteria, both in terms of the function and the level of comfort it will offer.

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