Turn your bathroom into a spa with a great tub

Turn your bathroom into a spa with a great tub

Bathroom trends can change relatively quickly, but there is more freedom now to come up with your own design rather than relying on a stock option. With contemporary sinks, free standing cast iron baths, separate shower areas and beautiful taps you can transform your bathroom and make it into a spa in your own home. The array of different products on the market should make it simple for you to design a space that is both luxurious and functional.

Free standing cast iron baths are becoming very popular because they are a focal point for the bathroom. If you have the space for a free standing bath rather than having one crammed into the corner of the room, you can take full advantage of the aesthetics of the baths. Models with clawed feet and gilded designs are in high demand because they add extra details that very few other baths can match.

When you’re creating a luxurious bathroom, a large free standing tub with a flowing, eye-catching design will produce a great effect. The durable materials also mean they will last for many years and retain their value well. With a cast iron bath, you can look forward to many years of use and a beautiful aesthetic in your home.

Another benefit of choosing this type of bath is that you can pick and choose the style of taps you want. Brass and gold ones are particularly popular at the moment. Square taps are also very stylish and create a luxurious, contemporary feel. With a single square mixer tap, the water cascades like a waterfall, creating a relaxing setting perfect for a long soak.

If you’re looking for quality free standing cast iron baths, you should take a look at our fantastic collection. We have some incredible designs on offer including the Glaisdale double end roll top with its beautifully detailed gargoyle feet. If you don’t want a tub with feet, we have several that sit flush to the floor including the Rosedale with its gradually sloping sides.

Country Cast Baths is committed to offering quality tubs and accessories that will grace any bathroom. Please browse the collection on our website. Delivery can be arranged on all models.

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