Treat your home to some genuine luxury

Treat your home to some genuine luxury

Interior design tastes have been changing for years, and people are now demanding high style combined with superior functionality. For many years now, cast iron baths have been a popular choice for consumers due to their beauty, elegance, and the numerous benefits they offer. There was a time when people went away to a hotel if they wanted to experience some real luxury and opulence, but these days people want it in their homes. A cast iron bath is the perfect way of relaxing and allowing the body and mind to really rejuvenate.

Cast iron baths are widely renowned for their ability to retain heat. Their fantastic thermal properties allow for warm water for longer periods, which means luxuriously extended soaks. This also makes the baths more energy efficient than any other product. They feature smooth and polished finishes that feel sumptuously comfortable. These features along with the length and wide design ensure the ultimate experience in relaxation.

We offer a range of versatile cast iron baths that can be installed in any space. The bathtubs are constructed to last a lifetime. They are strong, durable and deliver you value for money and long term savings. They are coated in enamel which ensures high levels of resistance to chipping and they are available at modest and reasonable prices.

Every bath we supply is sourced with care, and is sure to provide you with years of luxury bathing. Every product is a result of modern and traditional techniques and methods and each bath is the epitome of timeless elegance. Our cast iron baths come fitted with the classic claw feet and cast iron ball and complimentary stainless steel waste fitting. Our baths demand very little maintenance as they can be cleaned quickly and easily.

We maintain a large stock selection for the convenience of collection and we are able to fill orders swiftly and efficiently. We are happy to arrange appointments for our customers to view our collection of cast iron baths, and we will deliver nothing less than an excellent standard of customer care at all times.

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