Traditional materials remain highly popular

Traditional materials remain highly popular

Free standing cast iron baths are more than just an extra addition to your bathroom; they are a stylish, eye-catching product that has regained popularity in recent years. When our baths are produced, both modern and traditional techniques are utilised, with a specific focus on making them as strong and elegant as possible. This means they can be enjoyed for many, many years.
One of the most famous kinds of cast iron tubs, the claw foot, gained status as a luxury item in the 19th century. They were originally made of iron and lined with porcelain. With the introduction of modern technology new materials such as acrylic could be used to create them, expanding the number of options available. This helped to make the tubs more affordable but the original materials remained incredibly popular.

While we can’t deny that other materials have their perks, denying our tubs the authenticity of the material that they were originally made with just isn’t for us. All of our freestanding tubs are made with the intention of getting them as close to the original designs as possible, to help give your home a truly wonderful theme. Cast iron worked over 100 years ago for baths and it still works today.

Every bath in our range is made from iron, giving it a strength and durability that will ensure it lasts for a long period of time. On top of this the material offers some huge advantages in terms of its ability to keep the water warm and give people a really great bathing experience. The tubs regularly prove to be a great investment that can deliver long term service.

At Country Cast Baths we have a plethora of free standing cast iron baths available to suit your needs. There are many different styles to choose from, including several with clawed feet if you want something highly decorative. We recommend you browse the styles on our website and see which catches your interest. We are confident you’ll find the perfect piece for your bathroom.

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