Tradition Meets Contemporary Style In The Bransdale Bath

Tradition Meets Contemporary Style In The Bransdale Bath

One of the many unique features of our cast iron baths is that they embrace our proud Yorkshire heritage whilst being informed by a sense of style from the finest designs from around the world. Of the many models we offer, one which illustrates this perfectly is the Bransdale bath.

At heart the design of the Bransdale was influenced by the traditions of the French Bateau Bath. This continental style is, as the name suggests, hugely influenced by the outlay of a boat. Just as is the case with the type of boat which inspired the design, the tub gives a surprisingly deep and spacious experience once you are within it. This is despite the unobtrusive look it gives within your home.

With regards to the appearance, we have brought a highly contemporary feel to the overall look of the tub. Although the product itself remains true to the known and admired traditions of a Bateau Bath, the outer appearance features a unique, contemporary style – making it an ideal part of any modern bathroom.

It is the contemporary feel which we brought to the style that inspired the distinctly Yorkshire based choice of name for this cast iron bath. Everything about the look, shape and appearance of this bath suggested the dale of Bransdale to us. The area is often referred to as the “lost dale” of Yorkshire, as little in the way of villages or farms serve to form the outline of it. Despite that being the case, the ‘Bransdale loop’ is a road route very popular with cyclists, a factor which of course makes naming a French influenced style of tub after it all the more apt.

We are very confident that this model of free standing cast iron bath will meet your requirements in finding the perfect addition to your bathroom. It comes with the waste system installed as standard, meaning that it should be quite straightforward for you to incorporate it into your existing plumbing system. If you are looking for a traditional bathing experience which embraces a contemporary feel, we believe that the Bransdale will be perfect for you.

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