Tips for successful bath installation

Tips for successful bath installation

Freestanding cast iron baths look beautiful when carefully positioned in a bathroom, whether you decide to display them prominently in the centre of the room or place them in a corner. They offer more flexibility in terms of layout than modern acrylic baths that can usually only go in corners. This means you can decide on the best layout for your specific room and enjoy more decorating choices.

If you do opt for a cast iron bath, you’ll need to be prepared for the installation. The fact that you can place the bath more freely means you may have to adjust or extend the pipe work. The taps on a cast iron bath can be at either end or in the middle. Decide where you will position the tub in advance and measure up so you can decide where your pipes need to be once you settle on a design.

It is crucial to choose the right type of flooring for your bathroom when you opt for a cast iron bath. The tub will be heavy and will require support, so if you have a tiled or laminate floor you should ensure the materials are strong enough to take the weight without cracking or splitting. Additional cushioning may be needed to protect the floor. Baths with balled or clawed feet need to be handled with care. The feet have to be positioned effectively on a flat surface to ensure the tub is evenly positioned and the weight is equally distributed across the floor.

After you have fitted the feet to the tub and placed it where you want it, you will need to check that it is level. If the bath has fixed feet it will generally be accurate, but it is still a good idea to check. Adjustable feet allow you to raise or lower the bath so you can find the perfect level.

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