The value of cast iron baths

The value of cast iron baths

Cast iron baths have been popular for centuries, and continue to offer an enduring sense of style and luxury. Their weight brings a feeling of solidity and the designs show just how much effort has gone into making them. Modern ceramic and acrylic tubs seem less substantial alongside them. The fact that they can last for many, many years and still look great is also a very attractive characteristic.

Cast iron is a very durable material and has fantastic scratch and impact resistance. It will hold its shape fantastically well, even when exposed to hot or cold temperatures. It is also resistant to a wide range of chemicals, meaning the ingredients in soaps, shampoos and other products won’t damage it. All of these properties make it an excellent material for baths.

Aesthetically, cast iron baths are better than any other material on the market. There are several different styles to choose from including single and double sided slipper styles, bateau and roll top. You can choose gently sloping sides or steeper gradients if you prefer. You also have the choice of whether to go for feet or flush models.

In many bathrooms, the tub is simply an afterthought which is crammed into a free corner. When you choose a cast iron bath, it will become the central focus of the room and contribute a great deal of beauty and elegance to your decor. This kind of tub will make a real statement. You can position it anywhere in the room, even in the very centre, and it will still look amazing.

Cast iron baths are truly timeless and retain their value better than any other type of tub. If you are looking to invest in your bathroom, you should definitely consider them. They also have the luxury of being able to fit into both contemporary and traditional designs so you can choose a beautiful bath no matter what your personal taste.

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