The story of the free standing cast iron bath

The story of the free standing cast iron bath

Free standing cast iron baths stand as both classical and timeless examples of bathing today, offering a prime, luxury bath experience. Since our establishment, we have supplied a plethora of exceptional bathtubs built using both modern and traditional methods, while meeting customer requirements at the same time.

The free standing cast iron bath was introduced during the 1880s, with vitreous enamelled ones being in use before this time. These types were usually enclosed within wooden surroundings. The free standing design came as the result of raised concerns relating to hygiene and the ability to clean all around the bath.

The baths were favoured until around the middle of the 20th century, where they were then replaced by rectangular panel baths that were designed to fit in corners and against walls. People today however are rediscovering the potential of the freestanding baths and so we established our company to provide these fine models.

Originally, the manufacturing process involved the body of the bath being cast at a foundry. Secondly, the enamel coating was formed by firing an applied glaze solution. The feet were separately cast and fixed to the bath body via bolts. The baths of today’s world are manufactured in quite a similar way, staying true to what made them great back in the day. The authentic style still conveys a sense of wealth and luxury which forms the centre of any bathroom, whether it is a traditional or contemporary style.

At Country Cast Iron Baths we can supply you with only the finest bathtubs. Due to the wide selection of stock we have readily available, collections and deliveries are guaranteed to be fast, allowing us to provide excellent customer service. We can even offer advice about installations if required.

If one of our baths catches your eye, don’t hesitate to contact us. We can offer further information about each one, including details about the producer and the story behind the style.

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