The notable ingredients for achieving the best bath

The notable ingredients for achieving the best bath

Everyone knows that taking a bath is the best way to relax you after long arduous days, especially during the winter. Bathing has been proven to help promote better circulation, helping recovery from workouts and easing stress.

However, if you didn’t know already, adding specific ingredients to your water can provide more benefits; though knowing where to look can be difficult. To help, here are the most recommended ingredients that you can add to your tub. They are appropriate for all kinds of tubs, including cast iron baths.

Yes, this is good for your skin too, not just as your breakfast. This ingredient in particular is brilliant for soothing itchy, dry skin no matter the cause. Make use of it in the winter when the weather is harsher on your skin. Oats do a great job of ridding impurities deep in your pores, all the while maintaining your body’s moisture barrier. If you don’t fancy using raw oats, there are oatmeal products available.

The smell that lavender produces provides a relaxed atmosphere. Not only this, but the ingredient has been known for many years to help treat itching, acne and irritation; overall helping to detox your skin. Lavender oil is commonly available in many supermarkets, just make sure you add around 6 to 8 drops for the best experience.

Eucalyptus, Peppermint and other oils
Humans have been making use of herbal scents for hundreds of thousands of years. Their use has been for cosmetic reasons and boosting moods. The outcome of your mood completely depends on what oil you use and how much. Peppermint is known to possess anti-inflammatory properties, Rosemary helps to lift mood and improve circulation, and Eucalyptus can help to alleviate muscle and joint pain. When adding these oils to your bath, make sure it’s done so sparingly.

Some other notable ingredients which you can try out are coconut oil, Epsom salt, rose and honey. Making use of nature’s pharmacy will help improve your overall health and physical appearance.

At Country Cast Baths we understand people may be worried about what they can and can’t add to the tub. This is especially true if they have invested in cast iron baths. We can offer advice and recommendations if you are unsure. Simply contact us to find out more.

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