The Kingsdale Mirror is the pinnacle of baths

The Kingsdale Mirror is the pinnacle of baths

We have always taken great pride in making stylish cast iron baths affordable and accessible to all our customers. Our range extends to several distinctive and elegant styles of cast iron baths, with the Kingsdale Mirror Bath proving to be a perfect example.

When designing a new look for their home, many people will settle for nothing less than the very best of everything. The appearance of the bathroom is no exception. While it is a given that a cast iron bath truly ensures that you can achieve your desired look, it might be difficult to make a choice out of all the different styles and designs available. In our experience, our Kingsdale Mirror Bath is the choice to go for when you want the ultimate in luxury and impressive style.

Standing at a generous 2.5ft in width and 5.5ft in length, the Kingsdale Mirror Bath dominates attention purely because of its size. The polished stainless steel of the outer shell makes sure this bath is the centre of attention wherever it is installed. The majestic shell houses the finest of enamelled cast iron tubs, delivering a bathing experience which perfectly complements that impressive appearance.

If your home can accommodate a free standing cast iron bath of these dimensions, this is a style which demands serious consideration. While we are proud to represent several diverse and beautiful styles of bath, there is no denying that this model has a universal ability to enhance and elevate the appearance of any home. By investing in this cast iron bath, you can enjoy many years of style, sophistication and magnificent appearance. This is just one of the many free standing cast iron baths available in our online shop, so feel free to take a look and browse the full range to find out more.

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