Slipper baths make an elegant bathroom centrepiece

Slipper baths make an elegant bathroom centrepiece

We have a wide variety of free standing cast iron baths in several different styles, from roll-top baths to bateau baths. Each bath has a number of signifying features, and this rings true for slipper baths. Slipper baths have plenty of history behind their design and we know that they have been used since the nineteenth century. They continue to be a popular choice today, especially when they are constructed out of strong, durable cast iron.

Slipper baths have been in use since at least the nineteenth century, used primarily and extensively in public bath houses. During the nineteenth and into the twentieth centuries, baths at home were still relatively rare, having only really come into abundance in recent years thanks to advancements in sanitation and cheap materials. It is because of this that the general public had two options: they either sat in a tin bath close to the fire to bathe, or went to public baths which often contained several slipper baths for men and women. The design of the slipper bath, with one or both ends sloped and curved, allowed a combination of comfort and privacy. Their distinctive design means that they are still a popular choice of bath today, as people seek the elegance of vintage designs in their homes combined with the comfort of modern facilities.

We have two different slipper baths available for purchase. The Westerdale is constructed out of cast iron and comes with a handpainted white exterior and enamelled interior for maximum comfort and heat retention. It also comes with chrome cast iron feet for an added touch of elegance. The Swaledale, meanwhile, is a free standing slipper bath wrapped in a white metal skirt with rivet detail to give it a rustic look. The exterior can be painted in any colour you desire. It can be paired with freestanding or wall mounted taps as well.

We have everything that you could possibly need when it comes to finding and buying your very own free standing cast iron baths, including slipper baths. From the taps to the baths themselves, our range of cast iron baths are perfect for giving you a touch of luxury without having to spend a fortune.

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