Rustic cast iron baths for your bathroom

Rustic cast iron baths for your bathroom

A cast iron bath is a luxury that is highly sought after. They offer a number of benefits that acrylic baths simply cannot provide and they look stunning too. A free standing cast iron bath will offer a lifetime of use and is something that will undoubtedly pay for itself many times over during its service to you. We have a fantastic range of free standing cast iron baths for you to enjoy, including a multitude of baths that will add rustic, vintage charm to your bathroom.

Our Bransdale bath is a fine example of this distinctive style. It is quite large, with a height of 695mm, a width of 680mm and a length of 1720mm, making it a great choice for larger bathrooms. It features a two part design: the deep, hand-enamelled cast iron tub retains heat a lot more effectively than acrylic, while the exterior is wrapped in a dark grey shell with rivet detailing for a striking contrast. With a full waste system fitted, it’s also ready to go when installed and paired with a tap.

Another great example is our Coverdale bath. Much like the Bransdale, it is in the bateau style and features a two piece design. The interior is hand enamelled cast iron whilst the outside is handcrafted steel with a brushed finish which makes for an extremely durable bath. It also includes a chromed waste system already installed so that it is ready to be placed in your bathroom.

These are just two of the many beautiful cast iron baths we offer. Cast iron is incredibly durable, resistant to dents and scratches and also retains heat for longer, making for a more pleasant bathing experience. All of our baths are offered for competitive prices due to the fact that we operate directly from our own warehouse and have low overheads. You can be assured that most of our stock is ready for collection and delivery, ensuring that you can enjoy your new bath as quickly as possible.

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