Relax in luxury with a cast iron bathtub

Relax in luxury with a cast iron bathtub

Your bathroom is more than simply a place to get washed and cleaned. For many people a bathroom is a comfort zone, and a long soak is the best way to rest and relax after a long day. For those who want to make their bathroom into a comfortable, welcoming haven, nothing beats the beauty of free standing cast iron baths. We know and appreciate the wonderful way in which cast iron baths improve and enhance your life. We are committed to being the leaders in supplying them across the UK, always providing the highest quality items available at the most competitive prices.

The advantages of free standing cast iron baths are widely known, enjoyed and appreciated around the world. Cast iron baths allow you to enjoy longer, hotter soaks, with the heat being radiated across the water for far longer periods of time. They are also considerably easier to clean and maintain when compared to other forms of baths manufactured. The heavy, strong material gives them superior resilience and durability, giving you a far longer lifespan of use.

Another distinct advantage of cast iron baths is, of course, simply how they look. Free standing cast iron baths are a truly stunning addition to a bathroom, giving your home the distinguished finish you seek. We believe that everyone should be able to attain the luxury of one of these magnificent baths. From our base in the heart of Yorkshire we are able to supply the whole of the UK, meeting all needs and exceeding expectations with our superior, world class service.

No matter what shape or size of cast iron bath you are looking for, we will have it for you. Our expert staff are always on hand and available to discuss your requirements. As well as luxurious cast iron baths, we provide all other materials and accessories you need to add the perfect finishing touches.

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