Relax in a bath with sloping sides

Relax in a bath with sloping sides

Slipper shaped cast iron baths are immensely popular because the sloping sides offer a truly comfortable soak every time you get in the tub. The designs can have a single sloped end or two, so customers can decide which is best for them, both aesthetically and functionally. The latter type of design can even allow two people to bathe at the same time.

Cast iron provides a major additional benefit in terms of comfort. The material is excellent at absorbing and retaining heat, performing much more effectively than alternative materials such as acrylic. This means that when you fill the tub it will become warm to the touch and the water will stay hot for longer.

Slipper baths can have feet or sit flush to the ground depending on the design, giving you plenty of choice when it comes to style. Decorative feet can add a great deal to the aesthetics and raise the tub off the floor so that it can hold heat even more effectively. Flush tubs have a strong base and look like they are rising out of the floor. Many people love this kind of look.

At Country Cast Baths we offer a large selection of beautiful, high quality cast iron baths, all carefully chosen and sourced from highly experienced manufacturers. Each bath is carefully checked to make sure they meet our high standards.

In our collection you will find an array of baths with sloping sides. They vary in terms of the degree of the sloping, so you can decide which is best for you. You can view each one on our website and find details about the design and what is included. Some of the tubs come with the holes for taps pre-drilled and others don’t, so you have more freedom to decide where you want to place them.

You can order from us online with ease or contact us personally for more information. We strive to make sure that we meet all of your expectations and provide a bath you can enjoy for many, many years.

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