Preparing a bath for refinishing

Preparing a bath for refinishing

As a company that excels in supplying free standing cast iron baths, we do everything we can to ensure that our clients are satisfied with their products. Not only does this mean providing them with tubs that are made using supreme materials and methods, but also an unrivalled degree of customer service. A must have if what you are after is a long soak, our baths are sure to satisfy your every desire.

Cast iron baths may not be the first thing on your mind whilst seeking out a tub that’s on sale. In the present age of contemporary bathroom shower set ups, doors, sinks and more, going back to an old world luxury might seem like a step backwards. In truth however, it is the opposite. Refinishing antiques like the cast iron bath can save you a lot of money in actuality. If you already own one, then a refinish is a far better decision than replacement. Some attention can get a tub back into top shape again quickly.

Prior to taking on a project of this nature, the bath itself has to be prepped for the refinishing. The more work that is done in advance, the better the finish will be. This will also help to speed up the job.

Make certain that the drain cover is taken off and that the faucets are covered too. You’ll have to lay a fresh caulk bead for the bath, but it shall be beneficial for it in the long term. See that the bathtub is cleaned thoroughly as well. Ensure that the bath is rinsed and dried adequately before rubbing it clean though.

At Country Cast Baths, the thermal characteristics of our tubs make it so that the water’s heat is retained for a far greater period. In addition, thanks to their non-porous vitreous enamels, and their ability to deter soap residue and lime scale, they are also simple to clean.

If our free standing cast iron baths have attracted your attention and you’d like further details, feel free to ask us anything about them.

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