Overcoming the limits of freestanding cast iron baths

Overcoming the limits of freestanding cast iron baths

As some of the most stylish bathtubs of the past and of today, the sheer design of freestanding cast iron baths enables them to fit in perfectly with the styles of both modern and classical homes. As specialists when it comes to these kinds of tubs, it should come as no surprise that our stock includes some of the most aesthetically pleasing models on the market.

Contemporary and chic, freestanding baths are the ones that can guarantee longevity in the bathroom. They can be positioned anywhere in the room, allowing you to adapt the layout and decoration whenever you wish. With no wall supports, this is one style that dominates and makes for an excellent design feature, be it either a claw foot variation or some other type of tub.

Even though it is undoubtedly the most elegant addition to any bathroom, you need to be aware of the limitations with freestanding cast iron baths. This knowledge will help you to come up with solutions to counter them.

If you choose to position the bath away from a wall you will need to account for any issues with getting in and out. With this kind of location you cannot simply install handrails on the walls if extra support is needed. Instead they would need to be floor mounted.

The biggest limitation with freestanding cast iron baths is caused by the drainage and plumbing. You need to connect them to the tub so that it can be filled with water and drained when it is finished with. There can be many logistical problems with this. It is always best to consider them when you are thinking about positioning the bath.

At Country Cast Baths each of our products is sourced by us with the upmost care, ensuring they tick all of the right boxes in terms of quality. Customer satisfaction is very important to us and we do all we can to maximise it, from taking care with picking baths to offering as much advice and support as we can.

If would like more information on any bathtub we offer, we would be happy to answer your questions.

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