Making it easy to find your dream bath

Making it easy to find your dream bath

We supply a range of free standing cast iron baths to add a touch of special luxury to every home. Cast iron is a material that you will find far superior to the acrylic that most bathtubs are constructed out of, and you will find that these baths offer a much more enjoyable bathing experience as well. If you want to treat yourself to a real indulgence that you can enjoy every day, then you should definitely consider purchasing one of these beautiful baths.

When you come to us for free standing cast iron baths, you can be completely assured that we supply only the highest quality products available on the market. Every bath is made to the highest standard using the best materials. There are a huge variety of baths that cover a variety of different styles, including bateau and slipper baths. We have baths with fantastic mirrored shells, such as our Kingsdale bath, and our Coverdale bath features a brushed steel shell. Many of our uncoloured baths can be painted with any RAL colour of your choice, allowing you to customise them to match the style of your bathroom.

Cast iron is the preferable material to use for baths as it boasts a number of advantages over acrylic. For one, it retains heat much better, keeping your bathwater hotter for longer. It is a lot more durable than acrylic and it is also more resistant to staining, meaning that it retains its impressive aesthetic for much longer than the average acrylic tub. When you purchase one of our free standing cast iron baths, you are very much making an investment for life.

Based in the heart of Yorkshire, we are a family run business that takes great pride in the work that we do. Our baths are available for a low cost due to the fact that we operate directly from our warehouse, meaning that there are low overheads and no middle man. This means we can reduce our costs as much as possible. We also have a large amount of stock that’s ready for collection or delivery, meaning that we can bring you your order as quickly as possible or you can come to us and get it whenever you wish. You can be completely assured that you will find the perfect bath when you shop with us.

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