Luxurious roll top baths

Luxurious roll top baths

Cast iron baths are a luxury that many of us desire to have. They are capable of keeping hot water hotter for longer and also providing a unique aesthetic to the bathroom that they are used in. Sturdy and practical, they are desirable baths to own and there certainly is no experience quite like soaking in one on a cold winter’s day. Amongst the most sought after styles of bath are traditional roll top tubs, which combine the practicality of a cast iron bath with a distinct elegance. If you’re looking for a roll top bath, look no further than our selection.

As home plumbing systems became more popular over the 18th and 19th centuries, many advancements were made in bathing, and one of these inventions was the roll top bath. Initially used by the elite of Victorian society, they gradually became available to the middle classes and became one of the most common types of bathtubs available, replacing the outdated wooden boxes that had previously been used.

Roll top baths come in a number of varieties, including the bateau style, an elegant French style of bath. We currently sell four distinct roll-top baths to our customers. Our Rosedale bath is a magnificent roll-top bateau, made of cast iron with a pedestal so that it can stand freely. The Westerdale slipper bath is another classic style with a roll top, situated on chrome cast iron feet for an equally impressive look. The Glaisdale is a double ended style situated on chrome, cast iron feet, modelled after gargoyles feet for a very unique look. There’s also the Eskdale roll top bath which is suitable for tall bathers as it is our largest, measuring in at 1850mm long. Though supplied in stunning white, these cast iron baths can be painted in any RAL colour that you want. They also come with enamelled interiors.

Our range of roll top cast iron baths allows you to experience luxury for a low cost. We are able to offer great prices as we supply baths straight from our warehouse with low overheads and no middle man. You can also make an appointment with us to view our baths for yourself without the need to purchase one. When you want a touch of luxury for your bathroom at a low price, look no further than us.

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