Keeping your bath looking its best

Keeping your bath looking its best

Cast iron baths offer many benefits and will make a big statement for your bathroom, providing an instant touch of elegance and sophistication. The tubs are designed to be hardwearing and long lasting, but also have the advantage that they will stay warm for longer and come with many highly decorative features like carved feet and roll tops. The style has endured for hundreds of years and remains very popular, showing just how much of a great investment they can be.

When you choose one of our free standing cast iron baths, you need to account for how you will care for it. Cast iron baths are easy to look after, but if you want your new bath to stay looking its very best, there are a few fast, simple things you can do.

Soap scum can build up in cast iron baths, particularly along the waterline. You’ll need to clean this off regularly to keep the tub looking fresh and clean. The scum tends to be tougher than other types of stains, so you’ll need something stronger than detergent. A solution of two parts white vinegar and one part water will do the trick. You should spray this over the scum and leave it to settle for around 15 minutes so it loosens it. Once loose simply wipe it off, rinse the tub and dry it.

If you are interested in a low maintenance solution for your bathroom, our free standing cast iron baths are perfect. They’ll go beautifully with any type of decor and are much more hardwearing than the standard acrylic bath, meaning you’ll get much greater value for money from your investment. Just take a look at our full selection of beautiful baths and you’re sure to see one that’s ideal for you.

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