Is restoring a cast iron bath worth it?

Is restoring a cast iron bath worth it?

As timeless and classical objects, freestanding cast iron baths are the pinnacle of luxury bathing. Made using the finest materials, as well as both modern and traditional methods, our products are as absolutely stunning. Perfect for long soaks thanks to their outstanding thermal properties, these baths should be your first and only choice.

When purchasing a bathtub during the 21st century, Japanese soaking tubs, hot zones, powerful jets and stream-flow jets are just a few of the options available to you. However, if you are a “less is more” type of individual, but are still set on having a unique bath look and experience, then a vintage cast iron tub may be the solution you didn’t know that you desired.

The special thing about cast iron is it holds on to heat for much longer than other materials. This makes it incredibly pleasant for a bathtub, especially if you fill it and give the heat time to soak into the material before you get in.

For any person that is fortunate enough to have a cast iron bath in the house that they are buying, you shouldn’t be afraid to keep and refinish it, or make a few contemporary fixes. Whatever the case, these baths are remarkable and form part of the home’s history.

Because tubs of this nature typically weigh a great deal due to the density of the material, they present a challenge for installations and maintenance works. There is another huge obstacle as well; that of rust. This is no friend to your bath and if it’s exterior coating manages to wear out, the resulting rust can be very ugly, particularly around the drain. To prevent rust from becoming troublesome in the future, the tub should be restored using a new epoxy finish.

Additionally, when cleaning, it’s best to use non-abrasive cleaners, as the harsh chemicals and bleach from others can eat through the epoxy. Use gentle, natural products to clean and you’ll get much more life out of the tub.

At Country Cast Baths we have been able to create and maintain a strong reputation for excellent prices and brilliant quality. Due to our understanding of the qualities of free standing cast iron baths and how they function as the bathroom’s focal point, we do everything possible to ensure that our finishes are as perfect as they can be.

If you are interested in buying our merchandise, please let us know.

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