Invest in the Littondale bath for style and comfort

Invest in the Littondale bath for style and comfort

Many people want to experience the practical benefits of cast iron baths in their homes, but prefer a more contemporary style of decor. If you want the warmth, durability and strength of a cast iron bath combined with a clean, minimal aesthetic, take a look at our Littondale bath. This is one of our most popular designs, striking a perfect balance between traditional values and modern aesthetics.

This bath is based on the romantic, traditional design of French bateau baths, but the shape and form has been updated and streamlined to bring it firmly into the 21st century. Unlike many of our free standing cast iron baths, the Littondale sits flat to the ground without being elevated by feet, which provides a cleaner and simpler aesthetic for those who prefer minimal decor. As with all our baths, it is constructed from the finest materials and will last for many years to come with minimal maintenance or risk of becoming damaged.

The bath is available in a choice of different colours, so you are not limited to traditional white if you would prefer something a little more unique in your bathroom. The Littleton model is encased in a metal skirt which we can arrange to have professionally painted in a recognized RAL colour of your choosing. When you are shopping with us, it is perfectly possible to have in place a cast iron bath that matches the colour scheme of your bathroom.

In our experience, many home owners want the beauty of a cast iron bath in their home, but are held back from pursuing their wishes because they don’t think it would be suitable for placement in a contemporary home. As the Littondale model shows, we provide a wide range of cast iron baths to ensure that all possible wishes and requirements are met. Please take a look at our full selection of free standing cast iron baths and we are confident you will see a style that suits your tastes and decor perfectly.

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