Invest in an enduring bath design

Invest in an enduring bath design

Roll top baths have a distinctive curved edge that gives the lip a smooth finish. This is designed to improve the aesthetics and to make it safer to get in and out of the tub, as there are no sharp or angular points. As an added bonus, the curve also makes it a lot more comfortable to lounge in the bath, providing relaxation benefits in the bargain.

The roll top design has endured for centuries and remains popular today because it is sleek and elegant. The fact that it works with both classical and modern interior designs helps too as it means people can choose that style of tub and know it will look great in their home. The added bonus of the baths being more of a statement piece than modern tubs boosts the popularity too.

Cast iron baths commonly feature a roll top finish to ensure no sharp metal edges are left. They can come with or without feet, depending on the style. The feet are generally highly decorative and are designed to raise the tub so it is off the floor. The slipper style with one raised end is particularly popular although there are models with two sloping ends and flat tops to choose from also.

Roll top cast iron baths are very highly regarded because the material makes them immensely durable. They will last longer than any other type of bath and are tough to chip or crack. The iron also keeps the water warmer for longer so they promote relaxation and energy saving because bathers won’t need to top up with hot water as often.

At Country Cast Baths we offer a wide selection of stunning cast iron baths with roll tops. Each design has been specially selected for its aesthetics so we can give customers a very large choice. You can view each model on our website and read about their features. If you have any questions you are always welcome to contact us and we will offer additional information to help you make a decision.

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