Increase efficiency with a cast iron bath

Increase efficiency with a cast iron bath

With many of us focusing on using products which are environmentally friendly, there’s a perception that by default, anything that features traditional design or manufacturing methods is not going to meet this criteria. Many assume that if it doesn’t feature the latest in technology, it cannot possibly be efficient. However, this is not always the case. We can assure you that free standing cast iron baths are a brilliant way to strike the balance between modern efficiency and traditional beauty.

When it comes to energy efficiency, the water in a cast iron bathtub remains hotter for considerably longer than it does in any other form of tub. When you’re enjoying a soak in cast iron bath, you are highly unlikely to be constantly reaching for the hot tap to keep warming the water up. The enamel coating works to insulate the tub and allow for consistent heat transfer.

Another factor to remember with cast iron baths is that they are well and truly made to last. Other kinds of bath simply don’t have the longevity of a cast iron tub. If something goes wrong with, for example, an acrylic bathtub, you are seldom left with any option other than replacing it. After several years of even the toughest use, usually at worst the only maintenance required for a cast iron bath is a re-enamelling of the surface. Our free standing cast iron baths truly are a long term investment.

As important as the above points are, let’s not forget that these baths are also a stunning and luxurious choice. The appearance and feeling of a cast iron bath are unique and desirable. The idea of having a bath is as much about relaxing and feeling comfortable as it is about getting clean – and no other form of bath can help you reach this feeling in the way that a cast iron one does.

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