Impress potential property buyers with a cast iron bath

Impress potential property buyers with a cast iron bath

If you are putting your property on the market, you may be looking for effective ways of increasing its saleability. The aim is to impress potential buyers with the condition, appearance and internal features of your home. The kitchen and bathroom are essentially the two most important rooms in your home when it comes to selling.

The bathroom is a place for every member of the family to retreat and enjoy some privacy and peace and quiet. In the modern world, everyone wants luxury at affordable prices. When people view a property, they want to be able to envision themselves living there, and the more appealing your home is, the easier this becomes. People are impressed by timeless elegance and stunning focal features. Our cast iron baths are the epitome of these qualities and characteristics, as well as offering all the advantages of a luxurious bathing experience.

Our baths have many unique selling points. They have fantastic thermal properties which means they hold onto heat and allow for longer soaks in soothingly warm water. They are extremely hard-wearing, strong and durable. Our baths are constructed to the highest possible standard and they are coated in non-porous enamels which means they will remain free from soap residue and limescale. Furthermore, they offer an impeccable and flawless finish.

We have always maintained a commitment to offering our baths at reasonable and affordable prices. We have built up a reputation of excellence and we are the trusted supplier to trade, builders and domestic customers throughout the UK. We operate from our very own professional facility and we keep an extensive stock selection available for the convenience of our customers. Our customers are free to collect their products if they so wish. We have very low overheads, which enables us to provide first class cast iron baths that save you money and add value and enduring charm to your home.

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