How does re-enamelling of free standing cast iron baths work?

How does re-enamelling of free standing cast iron baths work?

Due to their timeless and ever-glamorous nature, free standing cast iron baths have stood the test of time. To this day they remain a highly sought after addition to the bathroom. Comprised of materials that are simple to clean and possessing thermal properties that keep water warmer for longer, there’s never been a better bathing option.

At Country Cast baths we have a selection of bath models in stock, so finding your ideal tub shouldn’t be too hard a task. One thing we always advise our clients is to think long term when choosing one of these tubs. With the right care they can last for generations, outperforming any other type of material.

Through the act of vitreous re-enamelling any ages old cast iron baths can be restored to their former glory. What this enamel is exactly is a type of glass that is used as a form of decorative finish to metal substances. The properties associated with it include the likes of scratch and fire resistance, colour stability and hardness.

What the process involves is the removal of the old enamel surface by shot blasting it back to its original casting. Coatings are typically applied prior to the bath being placed in the furnace for a series of firing temperatures. These exceed 800 degrees Celsius. The final result is a traditional white shiny finish.

Since the vitreous enamel follows the outlines of the base casting, finishes can be uneven characteristically. Due to the massive temperature levels involved, slight crazing, pinholes and black spots can occur. Whenever someone works with a cast iron model that’s over 100 years old, this is not avoidable. These are purely aesthetic characteristics however and do not impact on the tub’s performance.

At Country Cast Baths we make it a point to only supply the best bathtubs in the industry. Due to the fact that all of our products are coated in a non-porous vitreous enamel, they will not attract soap residue or lime scale, making maintenance an easy matter. If you are having trouble deciding on which bath you should choose, let us know and we’ll provide some expert input.

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