Historical bathtubs with modern day attraction

Historical bathtubs with modern day attraction

Cleaning oneself has been part of our daily lives since our conception but earlier methods were crude compared to the practical option of bathing in a tub. At Country Cast Baths we have a range of beautiful bathtubs available that can provide not only a relaxing experience, but a historical atmosphere to your house.

While the claw foot cast iron baths came around in the 1800s, the history leading up to their introduction began many years before. The earliest plumbing systems date back around 6000 years in India. Copper water pipes were excavated from a palace at the Indus River Valley and a bathtub similar in design to the claw foot was found 3000 years later in Crete, only this one was formed from hard pottery. The Romans utilised bronze and lead pipes but these were unfortunately lost after the collapse of the empire and sewage systems weren’t reintroduced until 19th century Europe.

During the mid 1800s the very first claw foot tubs were made of tin or copper and had an oak trim. It wasn’t too long however until cast iron was utilised for producing bathtubs and the idea of enamelling the interior sides of the rough cast iron tubs to create a smooth, clean finish followed shortly thereafter.

The first tubs created this way were marketed for the use of farm animals and livestock but soon after the idea of bathing in these caught on and they went into mass production afterwards. The popularity of the tub diminished in the 1920s but fortunately they are back in demand today and as luck would have it, our company specialises in providing top quality baths.

Cast iron baths are a favourite not only due to their large size, but for their conduction properties as they can retain heat for long periods of time. In addition they are easy to clean and don’t attract limescale or soap residue like plastic. As specialists when it comes to these products, we offer only the highest quality products that are guaranteed to satisfy our customers. If you are looking to buy one of these historical gems, we are the company to call.

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