Giving greater freedom in bathroom design

Giving greater freedom in bathroom design

In the world of modern interior design, bathtubs are taking centre stage as the focal point of many contemporary bathrooms. Once relegated to the corner and restricted to plain white finishes, baths are now becoming more versatile than ever before. Free standing baths give home owners the chance to position their bathtub almost anywhere they wish, giving much more freedom to design your bathroom to suit your style.

Previously, you would have had to have a huge bathroom in order to accommodate a free standing bath, but with the huge variety of options out there now, even smaller bathrooms can achieve the luxurious look. Our baths are available in a range of sizes, so whether you want a more compact option or have the space to invest in a huge tub where you can enjoy long and luxurious soaks, we’re confident we’ll have the ideal option to offer you.

Besides the ease of positioning and the opportunity to choose your size, our baths are also available in various different colours and finishes so you can select one that complements your home and bathroom decor perfectly. From the Bransdale with its magnificent dark grey riveted shell, to the Kingsdale with its highly polished mirror finish, to the Ryedale which can be finished with the RAL colour of your choice, our cast iron baths are timelessly beautiful.

Sustainability is another big trend in modern bathroom design. As we become more environmentally conscious, more and more of us are looking to invest in furniture, fixtures and fittings that represent long term investments, rather than temporary fast fixes. Cast iron baths certainly fit this bill, as they are hardwearing and durable enough to last for many years without needing to be replaced. Easier to clean, lower maintenance and longer-lasting than acrylic tubs, these baths are truly made to stand the test of time and will work in any modern or traditional bathroom.

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