Give your bathrooms that spa-like feel with cast iron baths

Give your bathrooms that spa-like feel with cast iron baths

Cast iron baths are timeless, stylish, and immensely popular for a number of reasons. With excellent thermal characteristics and low maintenance requirements, there is simply no better choice. Supplying an array of these bathtubs at affordable prices, we are the company to call whenever you make the decision to invest in one.

To let go of all the pressures that daily life thrusts upon us, countless individuals are refining how they de-stress and relax in their homes. They accomplish this by evolving their bathrooms into sanctuaries that are more akin to a spa. Various new bathroom technologies have come into play, but a report from the National Kitchen and Bath Association states that freestanding baths are one of the leading factors in the success of bathroom design.

As opposed to a standard bath, freestanding variants aren’t built into an alcove or surrounded by cabinetry. Made to support itself, this kind of bathtub serves as a luxurious focal point in its designated bathroom. They can be placed anywhere within the space, meaning they can be positioned in the most comfortable location.

Cast iron baths also tend to be much deeper than standard tubs, allowing bathers to soak and relax. The sloping sides are comfortable and make people want to stay in the water for longer. This is great when you need to de-stress. As a final benefit the iron also retains heat far better than other materials, keeping water warm and gentle warming the surfaces.

At Country Cast baths we understand how bathrooms work and that the freestanding tub makes the perfect focal point. It is for this reason why our products are only manufactured to the highest of standards. Merging durability and strength with elegance and beauty, we aim to give you a bath that exceeds all expectations.

If you would like to purchase one of these fine tubs for yourself, contact our company. We can discuss the various models we offer and help you to choose the right one. We even offer tips about installation.

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