Give your bathroom some vintage charm

Give your bathroom some vintage charm

There has been a huge rise in the popularity of traditional features that give properties a touch of elegance, and the vintage bath is definitely one of the most sought after products today. From charming bed and breakfasts with a traditional style, to modern homes combining contemporary aesthetics with timeless beauty, free standing cast iron baths are a firm favourite.

Prior to the Victorian period, it was common to see portable baths made from tin or copper. Later in the 19th century, sewage disposal and mains water became widespread, and the UK saw the mass installation of plumbed in baths that were raised on feet and coated in vitreous enamel.

Our baths exude elegance and comfort and provide the perfect combination of practicality and indulgence. Bath time has changed from a functional ritual to a time for people to truly relax, get lost in luxury and soothe away the day. The long, cold winter days can take their toll on us, and sometimes there is nothing better than getting home and sinking into a freshly run bath. One of the major advantages of our baths is their incredible thermal properties. They are designed to retain heat and stay warm for long periods, meaning you can enjoy an extended soak without having to frequently top up with hot water.

Most baths are naturally found attached to one wall of the bathroom, but our baths can be placed in the location of your choosing, as long as you have sufficient space. You can have your bath in the corner or centre of the room and no matter where you place it you can be sure it will be a sensational focal point.

We use traditional and modern methods to create our unique baths and we ensure each finished product offers beauty and strength in equal measures. Every bath is fitted with a complimentary stainless steel waste system as well as cast iron ball and claw feet. The vitreous enamel lining will prevent any impact from limescale and a quick clean will leave them gleaming. We are a trusted source for domestic customers, builders and trade throughout the UK and we welcome all customers to our site to peruse our full stock selection by appointment.

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