Freestanding cast iron baths in the bedroom?

Freestanding cast iron baths in the bedroom?

One of the most common questions we have received over the last few years is whether freestanding cast iron baths can be placed within bedrooms. The answer is yes of course, as long as the logistics are right.

Remember you need to be able to connect to water supplies and waste pipes. If the bedroom is located a long distance from these it could be costly and risky to install the plumbing. Additionally you need to ensure you have suitable ventilation. The floor in the room must be strong enough to support the bath and appropriate for the moisture too.

Placing the bathtub in your bedroom rather than a bathroom can offer an array of benefits. Perhaps most importantly it encourages relaxation, after-all you will no doubt have designed the space to be as comforting and relaxing as possible so you can get to sleep each night. This same effort can help you to unwind when you soak in the bath.

Placing freestanding cast iron baths in bedrooms also means you can save a great deal of space in the bathroom. Rather than sacrificing the tub for a stand-alone shower you can have both. It also means your relaxing soak won’t be interrupted by anybody else needing the toilet or shower.

From a visual perspective cast iron baths are classy and stylish, particularly when you choose the highly decorative designs. You’ll be able to enjoy and appreciate this even more if you place the tub in a bedroom.

There are some challenges to having a cast iron bath in the bedroom including the fact that there will be increased moisture, privacy concerns, and spatial requirements. You can overcome all of them though if you are set on this kind of placement.

At Country Cast Baths we provide a wonderful range of bathtubs. Regardless of where you are looking to place them we can offer designs that will become a centrepiece of the space. We have carefully selected the most stunning freestanding cast iron baths and are proud to share them with our clients.

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