Freestanding baths are perfect for all applications

Freestanding baths are perfect for all applications

As we are a family run business, we love to deliver free standing cast iron baths that make the perfect addition to the homes of our domestic customers. Our baths combine traditional and modern elements to create a uniquely elegant product. We construct our baths to offer a striking aesthetic that reflects aspects of both. Our baths are a unique mixture of immense beauty, strength and durability and are sure to take pride of place in any bathroom.

Every classic bath we offer is sure to make a stunning addition to any space. Each one is fitted with a traditional cast iron ball, claw feet and complimentary waste fitting. Our knowledgeable team will help you choose the right bath for your needs and you are free to choose between floor-standing or bath-mounted taps. The non-porous coating means that our baths are highly resistant to limescale and can be quickly and easily wiped clean. If you love nothing more than a long soak at the end of the day, you will love the thermal properties of our products as they retain heat and allow you to enjoy a warm and soothing bath for longer.

Since we established our company we have evolved into a leading supplier of quality constructed baths to residential, commercial and industrial sectors. As we operate from our fully equipped estate we are able to ensure every product is made to the highest possible standards. We have always prided ourselves on the fact that we can offer low prices due to our low overheads. Our modest prices reflect our customer commitment and we also ensure we have our product range in stock for collection and delivery.

We supply our quality free standing cast iron baths to landlords, homeowners, builders and various other customers, and we strive to maintain our excellent reputation by offering impeccable customer care. If you would like to invest in a stunning bath, whether for your own home, for a business premises, or for installation in a new build, take a look at our products and we are confident you will find the perfect items to suit your needs.

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