Evoking a local legend with the Glaisdale bath

Evoking a local legend with the Glaisdale bath

Here at Country Cast Baths we are proud of our Yorkshire heritage, and we always seek to evoke it in our range of cast iron baths. There are few better examples of this than our outstanding Glaisdale Roll Top Bath.

Glaisdale is one of the most picturesque villages set amongst the North Yorkshire Moors. This would be enough reason in itself to inspire the look and feel of one of our baths, but there has been an even greater influence from a well known tale from the village. In the 17th century a resident of Glaisdale, Thomas Ferris, set out to sail the world and make his fortune. A flood hit the river Esk the night before he went to sea, which meant that he didn’t get the chance to say farewell to his beloved. On his return, and after being reunited with his love, he built a bridge over the Esk so that no other lovers would ever be separated by the waters of the river.

Beggar’s Bridge still stands today, and it remains a must see structure for those passing through Glaisdale. We have drawn inspiration from this charming story in the style and design of our Glaisdale bath. This tub is double ended, which allows you to focus on its beauty as a whole. A slight valley-like central dip is perfectly placed to hint at the removal of the barriers between both sides of the bath, giving you a warm, relaxing bathing experience no matter which end you prefer to sit in.

With measurements of 720mm x 1800mm x 790mm and chromed cast iron gargoyle styled feet, the Glaisdale bath will fit perfectly into the majority of bathrooms in the UK. Wherever it is placed, we are confident it will accentuate your existing style and decor and provide you with a superior bathing experience. While the Glaisdale model is one of our most distinctive models, we are confident that we will always have the perfect style and design of cast iron bath for you. Just take a look at our full range and we’re sure you’ll find the ideal model for the bathroom in your home or business.

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