Enjoying one of our cast iron baths

Enjoying one of our cast iron baths

When it comes to equipping your bathroom, nothing says luxury more than a cast iron bath. These substantial baths are much lauded and have been popular for many years. They are the height of luxury and very different from standard acrylic tubs, offering a number of inherent advantages. One major problem with cast iron baths, however, is that they have a tendency to be cost prohibitive and out of the reach of the average homeowner. However, we have made it our mission to offer a range of free standing cast iron baths which are not only beautiful, but also offer great value for money, so you can afford to have one of these beautiful baths in your home.

We have a distinct variety of free standing cast iron baths that cover a variety of different styles. From bateau to slipper, every style that you could imagine is available from us, and we have something to suit every taste. Our Kingsdale bath has a mirrored stainless steel outer shell, making for a phenomenal aesthetic. Our Westerdale bath is an elegant slipper bath equipped with chromed cast iron feet for an elegant, Victorian touch. The Bransdale bath, meanwhile, has a dark grey shell with rivet detailing for a rustic appearance. We have a huge range to choose from. All can be painted in the RAL colour of your choice, making a wide variety of customisation options available to you, and you also have various options when it comes to taps.

Our free standing cast iron baths have various outstanding advantages over the usual acrylic baths. They have a better ability to retain heat, a resistance to chemical and abrasive cleaners, a high level of durability for a lifetime of service and an inherent resistance to dents and scratches, meaning that they can retain their pristine beauty for longer.

All of our free standing cast iron baths are created to the highest quality possible and are offered to our customers at competitive prices. We operate directly from our warehouse in Yorkshire meaning that we have low overheads and no middle man to pay, which ensures that you get the best price possible for your new bath. Alongside phenomenal customer service, our customers can be assured of baths that are well made and that will last them for many years.

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