Enjoy a relaxing bath

Enjoy a relaxing bath

Baths are designed for relaxation as well as hygiene, giving you the chance to soak in warm water and relax your tired muscles. The heat helps to soothe, releasing the physical and psychological stresses of the day and getting you ready for sleep. You can also add all kinds of indulgent products to the water to make your soak even more relaxing.

When it comes to relaxation it is important to choose a tub that is a suitable size and shape. You want to ensure the people that will be bathing will be comfortable, not squashed into a bath that is too narrow or too short. If possible you should look at baths personally before making a purchase to get a proper feel for their size.

If you are looking for a tub that will maximise relaxation, you may wish to opt for a cast iron bath. The material has great heat retention properties, bettering both plastic and ceramic. When you run warm water into it the metal will gently heat up. This makes the tub more pleasant to the touch and also helps to retain the temperature of the water, keeping it warmer for longer. The end result is you can spend more time in the bath before it gets cold.

Cast iron tubs are excellent from an aesthetic perspective as well. The designs are impressive, offering more decorative elements than other types of bath. You can choose from a wide selection of styles and finishes, giving you the option to select a tub that can be a focal point for your bathroom. You can even opt for freestanding cast iron baths if you want to give the bath a prominent position in the room.

An added bonus is that the material is immensely durable, making these baths stronger than any other you will find on the market. Plastic and ceramic tubs can be damaged if you accidentally drop heavy items such as bottles into them, and the colours can fade over time. Cast iron is different, as it is crack and chip resistant and will deliver years of service.

At Country Cast Baths we stock a great selection of cast iron baths to suit all tastes and styles. All of our designs have been hand selected for the high quality of the materials and finishes. If you are looking for a bath that is perfect for relaxation and a pleasure to look at we are sure you will find it in our range.

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