Does having no bath affect house sales?

Does having no bath affect house sales?

Possessing unmatched thermal properties and comprised of some of the toughest materials around, freestanding cast iron baths are number one in the world of luxury bathing. Designed to keep the water warmer for longer, you can enjoy that nice, relaxing soak you’ve been dreaming of every time you step in one. Well priced and available in a myriad of designs, our baths should be the ones you choose.

Quite often, people ask if having no bath will influence the price of their home. According to some estate agents, a number of potential buyers shall dismiss your property due to its lack of a bathtub. Even if you do manage to obtain the same price, the selling process could carry on for a greater length of time.

Since the post war era, the period where the final vestiges of Victorian living were taken care of, bathrooms have been constructed around their namesake, the bath. For ages, baths in both the morning and evening were a staple of the daily routine for individuals throughout the British Isles. Once things got busier during the 20th century however, the shower gained popularity and many home owners opted to do away with the bath.

Despite this, there’s still something that dissuades people from swapping out their tubs. There’s a notion going around that by not possessing a bath, a building loses attractiveness in the eyes of the buyer. The result could be you selling your house for less than it’s actually worth. Estate agents say that it boils down to buyer expectations. For example, if a young family wants to invest in a three-bed semi not having a bath may discourage them, as baths are more suitable for kids.

At Country Cast Baths, our products are coated in non-porous vitreous enamels to prevent them from attracting soap residue and lime scale. The material also makes it simpler to clean the tubs. We source every one with care, with a considerable collection prepared for order and delivery to you.

If our freestanding cast iron baths interest you and you’d like additional details, get in touch with us.

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