Creating a modern Victorian aesthetic

Creating a modern Victorian aesthetic

Many of us admire the luxury, character and craft of the Victorian design aesthetic, but still want to retain the style and functionality of a contemporary home. With the clever use of decor and accessories, you can enjoy the best of both worlds and get the home you have dreamed of. Here are some of our tips for transforming your home into a modern Victorian haven.

One great way to bring Victorian style up to date is to combine Victorian pieces with contemporary ones. A mixed, eclectic style will look much cooler and more contemporary than a complete head to toe Victorian makeover. For example, you could reupholster antique furniture with modern printed fabric, or paint a period piece with a bold block colour or solid black.

One distinctive feature of Victorian homes is that they tended to be stuffed with patterned textiles, ornaments and knick knacks; take inspiration by using clashing prints and patterns, including modern floral prints, and displaying some interesting ornaments and ornate pieces. However, to bring the look up to date, stick to just a few carefully chosen pieces rather than trying to include everything at once.

Our range of cast iron baths will fit perfectly into any modern Victorian-style home. With a traditional appearance, elegant design and the inclusion of historic touches such as claw feet, our baths possess all the unique charm of Victorian decor, but with all the practicality and function of a modern bath. Varieties such as the Westerdale, the Eskdale and the Glaisdale will slot beautifully into your decor and give your home the touch of distinction you are looking for.

As these baths are so versatile and classic, they will look as stunning in a contemporary bathroom as they do in a period property. Try including a couple of extra Victorian style touches in the bathroom to finish off the overall look, such as some antique bottles or even a dramatic chandelier. The Victorians loved rich greens, reds and blues in their homes, so be brave and paint the bathroom walls in luxurious hues or richly patterned wallpaper.

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