Constructing a masterpiece of a bath

Constructing a masterpiece of a bath

A timeless and stylish option, cast iron baths are a fine addition to the home of anyone looking to bring in a new degree of elegance. They offer a number of benefits including being easy to clean and having astounding thermal properties. With them you can enjoy the best combination of style and function.

Cast iron baths can be made in a mould that’s shaped to the distinct design and size of the tub. This is a traditional method but is still utilised today. To begin with, a mould is manufactured and the molten iron is poured in. It is then given time to cool before being removed so the tub can be finished.

The raw material commonly used to make bathtubs is generally referred to as gray cast iron and usually contains sulphur, carbon, silicon, phosphorous and manganese. By design, this mash of raw materials is ideal when coating with enamel, allowing a great bond to be formed.

Once the bath has been formed and set, it’s either shot blasted or cleaned via chemicals to make certain that the surface is spotless before the enamel coating is introduced. Typically a mix of barium, feldspar, clay, limestone, carbonate and a myriad of other raw materials is used for the coat. They are mixed in certain quantities to produce a mix that’s melted in a furnace and then run out into a vat of cold water. This is done so that the mixture fragments into a “frit” as it’s known. Then it’s dried up and bagged before being grounded into a powder.

The final coating process consists of the tub being heated to a temperature above the frit’s melting point. The enamel frit is dusted over the cast iron’s surface afterwards, at which point it melts on contact to create a smooth enamel coat.

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