Combine your bath with stunning taps to maximise aesthetics

Combine your bath with stunning taps to maximise aesthetics

Cast iron baths are beautiful, durable and make a really impressive statement in your bathroom. They come in a wide range of shapes and sizes so you can select the exact one that fits your ideas for a relaxing, luxurious space. There are high sided ones and roll tops, baths with feet and those that sit flat to the floor. They also come in a range of finishes, with brushed, burnished and polished metals all to choose from.

Once you settle on a bath you need to choose taps to complete the look. Some cast iron baths will come with holes pre-drilled whereas others require that you do it yourself. The second option requires a little more work on your part but it does provide some excellent advantages, particularly in terms of expanding the tap options you can go for. You’ll need to be careful and make sure you get your measurements perfect before drilling though.

A fantastic option for cast baths that aren’t pre-drilled is to select free standing or floor mounted taps. They add a touch more class and save you from having to drill any holes at all. On top of this the fact that they are not attached to the bath means they aren’t taking up any space on it and you can position them wherever you like.

Shower mixer free standing taps are popular because they provide the best of both worlds thanks to the handy showerhead. This means you don’t need to spoil the design or decoration of the room by having a shower unit attached to the wall over the bath. Additionally this attachment will make it easier when you need to clean the tub.

If you want a beautiful cast iron bath and a set of taps that will add to the elegance and aesthetics of your bathroom please take a look at the selection of products on our website. We have several styles of baths and taps to choose from so you are spoilt for choice. Every product is specially selected for its beauty and quality so you can have confidence when you buy from us.

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