Cleaning rust off freestanding cast iron baths

Cleaning rust off freestanding cast iron baths

Freestanding cast iron baths may have existed for hundreds of years, but outdated is not a word one should use to describe them. Possessing unsurpassed thermal properties and comprised of materials that make cleaning a much simpler task, it’s hard to match up to one of these tubs. Specialising in the sale of expertly crafted models, ours is the company to visit should you be interested in purchasing one.

Everyone will undoubtedly encounter rust at some point in their lives, with the cast iron bath being no exception. Although every effort goes into protecting the material during manufacturing, including adding a protective coating, damage can occur. Scratches and wear can harm the coating, exposing the iron to corrosion.

The point where you are most likely to damage the tub is during cleaning. Using harsh chemicals can strip the protective coating away. Additionally rough brushes and even cloths can cause scratches. Whenever you come to clean cast iron baths you should select gentle, natural cleansers and use a soft cloth.

Whatever you do, avoid using chlorine bleach or any other product that contains the chemical, when cleaning. It can cause damage and will also worsen a rust issue, putting your bath at risk.

A final thing you should do is keep a very close eye on your bath so you can take action when you first spot signs of wear and damage. The faster you react, the easier problems are to resolve. Remember cast iron baths can always be painted or have a new protective coating added if it becomes necessary.

At Country Cast Baths, we have an exceptional array of beautifully manufactured bathtubs in stock. Made with modern and traditional methods, these products combine the best of both to produce some of the finest bathing options available. If there is anything you would like to know about a model or caring for a tub, we would be happy to offer you assistance.

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