Choose a cast iron bath as the perfect centrepiece

Choose a cast iron bath as the perfect centrepiece

Bathrooms are amongst the most valuable rooms in a property. The best bathrooms combine functionality with aesthetics to create useful spaces that are also relaxing to be in. With these rooms you always need to keep in mind what the space will be primarily used for and the conditions that products must withstand. When choosing furnishings and accessories you need to make sure they won’t get damaged quickly by the heat and moisture that is common in the bathroom.

A tricky thing when decorating a bathroom is choosing a centrepiece that you can base other items around. Our eye-catching free standing cast iron baths could provide the perfect solution. They have the perfect combination of style and function, and will create a stunning visual effect in any bathroom. You’ll also get much more use from them than less durable PVC or ceramic bath tubs.

There are so many different styles of cast iron bath available that you should be able to easily choose one that appeals to your sense of style. Most models are free standing so they can be positioned anywhere in a room rather than limited to the corners or along a wall. This opens up your design ideas and means you can make the most of the space you have available.

A big decision to make with cast iron baths is whether you want them to be flat to the floor or prefer designs with feet. There are plenty of different feet styles to choose from, including highly decorative carved ones, claws or balls. Whatever choice you make you must ensure the bath can sit flat on the floor. You’ll also need to make sure floors are strong enough to hold the weight of the tub because they are considerably heavier than those made from other materials.

If you want to browse a fantastic selection of free standing cast iron baths you can do so on our website. We have chosen the best products and strive to offer them at the most amazing prices. We’re sure you’ll be happy with your choice when you purchase from us.

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