Cast iron tubs are great for showers too

Cast iron tubs are great for showers too

At Country Cast Baths we have developed quite the reputation over the years for a high degree of quality in terms of both products and customer service. Our knowledge of bathrooms remains unmatched and it’s for this reason why our bathtubs have such an incredible quality to them. They are a fine addition to any bathroom and are something you should definitely consider if you’re looking to add some style to your house.

A shower is how many of us begin our day, so instead of stepping into a shallow, chipped, subpar tub, try stepping into a long-lasting luxury experience instead. The majority of cast iron baths are heavy duty and will last for a long time, even if they are stood up in while people are showering. They have good chip resistance and are also protected against warping too.

By far the most popular cast iron tub shape is the claw foot design. They make the bathroom feel more regal; not surprising considering these tubs were favoured by the royals during the Victorian period. If you’re after something a little more modern, the second most common cast iron bathtub is the square variety. Square models are usually deep too, making them ideal if you want to have a shower above the bath.

The fact that cast iron baths can typically be positioned more freely in your bathroom offers big advantages when it comes to a shower. On one hand you could place the tub in the best location so you can shower in it. Alternatively, you can adjust the placement to free up space for a standalone shower if you prefer.

At Country Cast Baths we have a selection of cast iron bathtub models which are available to everyone across the country. No matter which tub you decide to go with, rest assured that it will completely satisfy your needs. If you have any questions regarding us or our products, we would love to hear from you.

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