Cast iron baths are easy to keep clean

Cast iron baths are easy to keep clean

Aside from the wonderful aesthetic value cast iron baths bring to bathrooms, they are also incredibly easy to take care of. We know that our customers are looking for stylish and low maintenance additions to their homes, and as specialist suppliers of quality baths we ensure each of our products is constructed to the highest possible standard and offers every benefit and convenience.

Our freestanding cast iron baths offer many advantages. They are specially coated in non porous vitreous enamels and have a high resistance to limescale. They will not retain soap residue and can be quickly and easily cleaned. We know how important it is that your bath is durable and long lasting, which is why our baths are made to stand the test of time and serve as a visually striking feature in your home for years to come.

By following a few simple steps, you can easily maintain the condition of your bath. Rinse with cold water after use and dry with a clean, soft and absorbent cloth. Avoid using steel wool, hard sponges and abrasive cleaners and keep the surface free of harsh chemicals. Should your bath incur any stubborn stains from hygienic or cosmetic products, it is best to use a water soluble cleaner as cream-based products can build up and reduce the friction on your bath’s surface.

A further feature of our baths that makes them highly popular is their fantastic thermal properties. Winter is on its way, and we all know the comfort of soaking in a luxurious hot bath on a cold night. We also know the frustration of baths that turn cold far too quickly. Our baths offer the ideal solution as they are designed to stay warm to the touch for longer which means lengthy and relaxing soaks for you. We are the first port of call for business and domestic customers and we can be trusted to deliver an outstanding level of customer service throughout the UK, so you don’t need to look anywhere else when you are thinking about investing in a new bath.

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