Cast iron baths are a good option if want to think of the environment

Cast iron baths are a good option if want to think of the environment

Cast iron baths are great for a number of reasons. They are long lasting, hardwearing, highly decorative, and also keep water warmer for longer so you can enjoy a more comforting soak. The latter is good for energy consumption because you won’t need to top up with extra hot water as often when you’re having a longer bath.

With the environment in mind cast iron also offers a big advantage in that the tubs themselves can be made of recycled materials. This means they have a smaller carbon footprint in comparison to tubs made from new material.

Bathtubs made of cast iron can last a lifetime because of the durability of the material. This means they are greener in a sense because you will need to replace them very infrequently. Your overall carbon footprint will be much lower if you only need one bath for life rather than three or four.

A final benefit of the tubs is they can be recycled if they become too damaged to use. This is also green and means that the product won’t find its way into landfill. The cast iron can hold value really well, meaning you can scrap the tub and ensure the material goes to good use rather than being put in a position where it could harm the environment.

Cast iron baths really are a great choice for people who want to take the environment into account when choosing a bathtub. They also have unbeatable class and style, particularly if you choose a model with a great deal of decoration. The feet and taps can be immensely decorative to enhance the aesthetics even more.

At Country Cast Baths we have a large range of beautiful tubs on offer. We are proud to stock and supply them to our clients and believe they have the power to improve any bathroom. If you are looking for a great tub we will be happy to offer advice and tell you the story behind each of the designs we offer. You can also ask us any questions about looking after the bath and placing it.

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