Caring for the enamel in a cast iron bath

Caring for the enamel in a cast iron bath

Cast iron baths make a wonderful addition to all kinds of bathrooms. They are stylish and elegant and will suit either traditional homes or modern ones. Alongside their classic style, they are also capable of delivering many years of service because of the durability of the material. It is not uncommon to see these kinds of tubs last a lifetime.

The inner surface of cast iron bathtubs is generally covered with tough enamel. The material is actually a type of glass that is fused to the metal by using heat. Once it cools it becomes incredibly hard and offers fantastic protection for the substrate. It is waterproof, scratch, fire and chemical resistant.

Enamel also offers another huge advantage for baths because it is one of the most hygienic surfaces you can opt for. It can be cleaned very easily to get rid of bacteria, dirt and other unwanted contaminants. This will keep the bath fresh and help to ensure that bathers have a great experience.

The fact that enamel is a type of glass means it needs to be cleaned in a very similar way. Avoid using abrasive cloths and cleaning products, and instead opt for approved products and soft cloths that won’t cause damage to the bath.

The best way to keep a cast iron bath looking its best and ensure it has a long life is to clean it regularly. This should include drying it after each use to prevent limescale from building up. Prevention is always better than cure, so it is better to reduce the risk of limescale in the first place by keeping the bath dry when it is not being used.

At Country Cast Baths we stock a wide range of stunning cast iron baths so our clients can choose a beautiful, durable tub that will serve them for many, many years. We also supply accessories including waste pipes and taps, striving to ensure we deliver a great service to each and every client.

Alongside supplying baths and accessories we can also offer tips about caring for your tub like the ones above. We have a huge amount of experience with these products and enjoy sharing our knowledge, especially when it can potentially help people to enjoy their tubs to their full potential.

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