Can modern homes accommodate cast iron baths?

Can modern homes accommodate cast iron baths?

When people think about cast iron baths there are many images that come to mind. Whilst some would consider the traditional elegance and class of their appearance, others might find their thoughts drawn to the luxurious bathing experience they provide.

For all the positive and wonderful thoughts we and everyone else has about these baths, there is one possible drawback to them when considering having one installed. The general image is that they are as large as they are luxurious. If you looked at historical images of cast iron baths you would indeed note that they tended to be large – certainly larger than modern, more common bath tubs.

A really rather unfortunate result of this is that many take it for granted that there’s surely no way one would fit into a home built within the last 40 or 50 years. This is a rather understandable assumption, as we are all quite familiar with how residential architecture seems to be drawn toward creating smaller properties year after year.

We’re delighted to say that we have a number of models of cast iron baths which have been designed with modern homes specifically in mind. Our dedication is to ensuring all may have the most splendid perfection of these bathtubs within their home, irrespective of any size restrictions or constraints. Several of our models, from the affordable Rosedale through to the prestigious Kingsdale model, have been made in a way mindful of the limitations many have in their home.

There are too many people in this day and age who believe that the traditions and values of cast iron baths may only be admired and not experienced. This is not the case. We take great pride in offering the very best bathtubs, ensuring they are both perfect for modern living and passionately capture the splendour and tradition of days gone by.

To get started with choosing the perfect bath for your home please get in touch with our team. Whether you contact us through our website or give us a call we’re ready to hear from you, and look forward to making sure you get what you want.

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