Baths to bring your bathroom to life

Baths to bring your bathroom to life

Many of our customers are looking for a bath that will serve as the main attraction in their new bathroom. They want a sensational focal feature that takes people’s breath away. Cast iron baths have been an extremely popular choice for residential bathrooms and hospitality establishments for many years as a result of their beauty, durability and the touch of luxury they add to every space.

One of the major advantages of free standing cast iron baths is their fantastic capacity to retain heat. This makes them a huge draw as they enable longer soaks without the need to constantly add hot water. They feature smooth and flawless finishes and a luxurious feel that allows for a divinely comfortable soak. Their long and spacious designs help to create a fabulous sense of floating, which offers maximum relaxation.

We are specialist manufacturers of free standing cast iron baths and we offer high quality products at very competitive prices. Each of our baths is constructed with care and manufactured to the highest possible standards. Our products are coated in non-porous enamels and are invulnerable to limescale and soap residue. They require minimal maintenance and clean up quickly and easily.

We offer a wide range of baths to suit all tastes, combining traditional and contemporary methods to produce products that are the epitome of elegant design and construction. Our experienced and knowledgeable team will ensure you are equipped with the right bath and accessories when you come to us. All of our baths are supplied with complimentary stainless steel waste fitting as standard, and we will help you select the perfect tap option. We can offer you floor-standing or bath-mounted taps to perfectly complement your brand new bath.

We supply to domestic customers as well as to builders and trade and are known as dependable suppliers throughout the UK and abroad, renowned for our reasonable prices and incredible product quality. We offer each customer the finest level of service and if required we can even arrange an appointment to view our entire range of free standing cast iron baths.

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