Bathe in the beauty of the Coverdale

Bathe in the beauty of the Coverdale

Our passion for cast iron baths is only matched by our love for the beauty and history of our part of the world. Over the years we have blended both of these, allowing our natural surroundings to inspire the style and design of our baths. This is why we have named our different styles of baths after the area or region which influenced the finished look. While this is true of our complete range, it is an essential feature of the Coverdale model.

Most people would associate the Coverdale area with one of two things – the unique variation of Wensleydale cheese which is produced there, and the fact that the first ever officially recorded game of cricket took place on the greens of this valley in 1706. It is, however, the valley itself which was our source of inspiration. The beautiful sense of tranquillity as you steadily stroll down the slopes towards the River Cover was the exact sensation we wished to capture for those submerging themselves within a cast iron bath. When we achieved this with one particular design, we knew that Coverdale had to be the obvious choice of name.

The Coverdale bath gives you a unique bathing experience in the comfort of your own home. The slipper shape is designed to allow you to easily and comfortably slip into the bath, and you’re sure to feel fully invigorated and refreshed afterwards. The enamelled cast iron interior has been combined with a steel exterior to give you a bath that’s as timeless and unforgettable as the area it is named after.

The Coverdale bath stands at close to 2.4ft high, is 2.3ft wide and has a length of 5.6ft. With no tapholes present the focus is to allow this model of cast iron bath to fit into virtually any home across the UK, with the configuration of the plumbing being left to your existing arrangements or future plans. If you’re looking for a bath which delivers affordable luxury to your life, you will find that the Coverdale brings this to you. Just take a look at this amazing bath on our website, or browse the full selection to see the other options we have available. We’re confident that we can provide you with the perfect bath for your needs.

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