Bathe in luxury with a bateau bath

Bathe in luxury with a bateau bath

Nothing is more luxurious than a cast iron bath in your bathroom. They offer a huge number of advantages over other baths, such as their superior ability to retain heat and their enhanced durability, meaning that they cannot be damaged easily. Cast iron baths are a luxury that more and more people are choosing, with bateau baths being especially sought after for their sleek and simple aesthetic that can transform a bathroom. We can provide you with luxurious free standing cast iron baths at an incredibly competitive cost.

Many of our bateau baths have a unique aesthetic appeal that ordinary baths simply cannot provide you with. Our Coverdale bath features a cast iron, enamelled white interior with a starkly contrasting grey exterior shell constructed out of steel with a brush finish. It doesn’t have tapholes, and comes with a continuous rolled rim for an elegant aesthetic. Our Kingsdale bath, meanwhile, combines the white cast iron enamelled interior with a polished and mirrored stainless steel shell for a fantastic appearance that will proudly sit as the centrepiece of your bathroom. The Bransdale bath combines a hand enamelled interior with a dark grey shell, complete with rivet detailing. These baths make dramatic additions to a home and can easily turn your bathroom into the most attractive room in the house.

For those who want a simpler look, we have a range of baths which are available with white shells. The Littondale, Ryedale and Garsdale bateau baths are wrapped in white metal skirts and have a simple style which makes for a beautiful aesthetic. We also have roll top bateau baths such as the Rosedale Bath, which sits atop a cast iron pedestal. The bath itself comes with tap holes so that you can add bath-mounted taps. If you choose, they can be painted with any RAL colour that you desire, fully customising them in accordance with the decor of your bathroom.

We offer free standing cast iron baths for a low cost thanks to our low overheads, operating directly from our own warehouse and eliminating the need for a middle man. This means that more and more people can benefit from these beautiful baths without having to worry about the cost.

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