Anticipating the unique cleaning requirements of cast iron baths

Anticipating the unique cleaning requirements of cast iron baths

One of the greatest things about cast iron baths is the fact that they are individually manufactured. This means that each model is one of a kind, making them very exclusive.

The exclusivity can raise some slight problems. It means that each bath will require specific cleaning solutions based on its unique traits. There are no one-size-fits all solutions; what works on one cast iron bathtub may not work on another. As a result there is some trial and error involved when you come to cleaning and you need to ensure you are doing the right things to keep your tub clean and in a great condition.

When it comes to cleaning cast iron baths you need to keep in mind that they are made with an enamel coating on the inner surface. You need to ensure you don’t scratch, stain or damage this in any other way. As a result you will need to avoid the harshest cleaning products, including those highly acidic ones, and choose something gentle instead.

Mould and mildew can become a problem with the enamel interior of cast iron baths. To reduce the risk of this happening it is wise to keep the bath dry when it is not in use. Soft microfibre cloths are the best for drying the surface as they are non-abrasive, hygienic, and have good cleaning ability. After the bath is used or cleaned you should gently wipe the surface to keep it dry and clean.

People generally purchase cast iron baths for two main reasons. Firstly they are aesthetically pleasing and can be the focal point for a bathroom. With this in mind they need to look beautiful, not suffer from staining, scratching, or other wear issues.

The second reason is that they can last for many years. They are more likely to do that when they are cleaned and maintained properly, keeping them in the best possible condition and protecting the materials.

At Country Cast Baths we offer a great selection of these beautiful tubs and can help clients to choose the right model for them. On top of this we offer useful advice, assistance and recommendations to keep them looking great and serving you well. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

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