An elegant style of bath that can be placed more freely

An elegant style of bath that can be placed more freely

Cast iron baths are unbeatable from an aesthetic point of view. They are stylish, elegant and can be a focal point of the bathroom when they are placed. A major benefit they offer in terms of the latter is they are much more flexible in terms of positioning. You can place one of these tubs right in the centre of a room and it will look fantastic. Alternatively you can have it under the window or in a corner if you prefer.

The freedom of positioning doesn’t come without a cost though. You need to plan carefully, taking into account how you will connect the plumbing and waste pipes. This is crucial because the last thing you want is to have your bath in the perfect place only to find you can’t plumb it in and use it.

One of the most important things to consider when it comes to positioning is the distance between the plug hole and the floor. You’ll need 10cm or more for the waste pipe to fit in place. If you don’t have this you may need to alter the position of the bath. Some people choose to raise the tub by placing it on raised section of flooring to solve this problem.

It is also essential to plan ahead and consider the position of the taps. Many tubs come without the holes drilled so you can place them where you want to. Those that come with pre-drilled holes will restrict your positioning freedom somewhat. Fortunately you may be able to overcome it with different styles of tap.

A crucial thing to keep in mind is that you need to place the taps above the line of the overflow. This is vital as if they are beneath it the water supply can be contaminated and that would be in breach of the building regulations.

At Country Cast Baths we offer a stunning selection of freestanding bathtubs. We are proud to offer such high quality products and can also help clients ensure they get the perfect positioning for their new bath. You can call on us for advice and we will give you the benefit of the wealth of knowledge we have built up over the years.

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